Closing Documents

The most recent Municipal Assurance Corp. disclosure information is available below for bond counsel, financial advisors and printers in the preparation of official statements and other transaction documents for insured transactions.  All disclosure information relating to Municipal Assurance Corp. must be reviewed and approved by the Assured Guaranty legal department prior to printing a preliminary or final official statement.

Use of the disclosure information, specimen policies, or logos is subject to our prior authorization. Any other use is prohibited. Please see the Terms of Web Site Use for additional information.

Municipal Assurance Corp. Disclosure (Microsoft Word version)

Municipal Assurance Corp. Disclosure (Adobe Acrobat format)

Municipal Assurance Corp.  Policy Specimen (Adobe Acrobat format)

As a convenience to our clients, the MAC corporate logo may be downloaded from this page solely for use in the preparation of offering documents and/or bond forms. The Municipal Assurance Corp. logos may only be used with our prior approval. Any other use is strictly prohibited. Municipal Assurance Corp. is a registered trademark of Assured Guaranty Ltd.

Printers: The image below may be saved in .PNG format. For images in .EPS format, right-click the text below the logo and save the file locally with a .EPS extension. Images in either file format may be inserted as a picture into other documents. The Pantone Matching System (PMS) specifications are Red=202 and Blue=647.

Download Municipal Assurance Corp. EPS File